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  • Political Nepotism – Gangrene of Blue Bloods

    Political Nepotism – Gangrene of Blue Bloods

    Part II: Political Nepotism Gangrene of Blue Bloods Writer – Abhinav Dwivedi Continued from Part I: Optimism in Nepotism – Bollywood Style Once upon a time in Haryana Reporter – ताऊ तुमने अपने पोते को ही ticket दे दिया  (Sir you have given the ticket to contest elections to your grandson only) Senior Leader –और कया थारे पोते … Read more...

  • Discovery of Recovering India

    Discovery of Recovering India

    Writer – Abhinav Dwivedi Columbus sailed for us, but he discovered US. Our shores were wide; perhaps he got swayed with a different tide. Well our ancient times were golden rich; Aryabhatta tasked the stars, long before Greenwich. He made the Nanda dynasty mourn; Mr. Chanakya scripted a non-fictitious Game of Thrones. King Porus restricted the … Read more...

  • Canine Buffoonery with Jerry and Junior

    Canine Buffoonery with Jerry and Junior

     A Straight Question               Straight talk by Jerry & Junior, Mastered by Abhinav Dwivedi

  • Deuce At Work, Advantage Love

    Deuce At Work, Advantage Love

      One chilly February night in London   Dad – What’s troubling you Sunny boy? Sunny (Son) – Well! It all started in February, we both landed up for job training. We got along well from day one, we both slogged hard; it was grueling training before getting started with the job. We both so … Read more...

  • Brexit – Bruised Britain Exits

    Brexit – Bruised Britain Exits

    Humorously Yours Brexit Special   Cameron Exits – Courtesy Brexit Brexit equation was aimlessly fun, as ‘leave camp’ wins,  intending tons of pun. Brexit diarrhea is sure gonna spread, the EU nations better get their diapers prepared. Brexit becomes a botox mishap, amid doomsday cheers, pound braves tears. Fraxit will follow Brexit, yet another xerox … Read more...