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  • Humorously Yours

    Humorously Yours

    COOLPAD ANNIVERSARY SALE – 100% CASHBACK for lucky customers. Click to know more News & satire with some political desire Rhetoric rots, tactical thoughts, ain’t a resort (For news see India Today’s coverage “Is India headed for a nuclear war with Pakistan?”) Uri ki shahadat ko jayenge bhool, with the test series on, Indians will … Read more...

  • Humorously Yours

    Humorously Yours

    News & Satire with some Political desire         Path labs loot, MCD hoots, Politicos refute as malaria puts Delhi on a feverish reboot     Malaria se dilli hai behaal, as political fever soars with Jung vs Kejriwal   Rahul gears for UP with Panchayat on Khaat, as the voting season strips politicos … Read more...

  • Political Nepotism – Gangrene of Blue Bloods

    Political Nepotism – Gangrene of Blue Bloods

    Part II: Political Nepotism Gangrene of Blue Bloods Writer – Abhinav Dwivedi Continued from Part I: Optimism in Nepotism – Bollywood Style Once upon a time in Haryana Reporter – ताऊ तुमने अपने पोते को ही ticket दे दिया  (Sir you have given the ticket to contest elections to your grandson only) Senior Leader –और कया थारे पोते … Read more...

  • Discovery of Recovering India

    Discovery of Recovering India

    Writer – Abhinav Dwivedi Columbus sailed for us, but he discovered US. Our shores were wide; perhaps he got swayed with a different tide. Well our ancient times were golden rich; Aryabhatta tasked the stars, long before Greenwich. He made the Nanda dynasty mourn; Mr. Chanakya scripted a non-fictitious Game of Thrones. King Porus restricted the … Read more...

  • Canine Buffoonery with Jerry and Junior

    Canine Buffoonery with Jerry and Junior

     A Straight Question               Straight talk by Jerry & Junior, Mastered by Abhinav Dwivedi